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Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

What is facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (FRA)?

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture helps the whole body to look and feel younger, it works on two main areas, the muscles of the face and the lines and wrinkles of the skin. It is for men and women of all ages who would like a fresher, healthier appearance.

It is based on the same principal of traditional oriental medicine and has been practised in China since the Sun Dynasty (940AD) for elite upper classes and concubines.

FRA provides a natural alternative to injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and facial muscle relaxants (Botox). It also costs much less than a surgical procedure, it is not toxic and draws upon the ancient Chinese wisdom related to longevity and overall balance.

To change the energy flow within the body and to initiate the healing process of enhancement, specialised facial acupuncture hair thin needles are inserted into the facial skin to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles and tighten loose skin by stimulating the natural production of collagen beneath the surface of the skin. It softens lines and helps to prevent future wrinkles.

FRA revitalises the elasticity of the skin and is a safe and efficient way for a younger, firmer and healthier look.

What to expect

The treatment incorporates a holistic, full body consultation and treatment to restore balance and energise the body. Specific acupuncture points on limbs and trunk will be stimulated as well as the face and neck.
Stress and modern life imbalances and illness will manifest themselves in the face, therefore I will treat the whole you and not just your face.

By addressing the emotional, mental and physical stresses that accelerate aging, this constitutional facelift goes beyond cosmetic and deals directly with the health of the body’s largest organ: The Skin.

I will also introduce along the wrinkles, intra dermal tiny ‘prickles’ to stimulate a natural healing response which induces new collagen and an elastin production in specific areas such as nasal labial fold, upper lip line, crow’s feet and forehead lines, frown lines (number 11).

These ‘prickles’ will give me the opportunity to apply skin rejuvenating serums that will be absorbed into the upper layers of the dermis.

Benefits of facial acupuncture

After the first treatment patients experience a glowing complexion, they feel and look ‘well rested’ and sometimes fall asleep during the treatment which takes one and a half to two hours. With the increase of energy and blood circulating around the face the moisture content of the skin is improved and there is a movement and drainage of lymphatic fluid.

As well as the observed physical changes, patients are alleged to have reported:

  • Improvement in their digestion, sleep, hair, energy levels and brighter eyes.
  • Increased blood and lymph circulation.
  • Improved skin tone, moisture and texture.
  • Reduction of fine lines, deep furrows and wrinkles, visible stress lines diminished.
  • A reduction of hot flushes, anxiety and puffiness of the face.
  • A reduction of eye bags and double chin.
  • Eyelids are more lifted and there is uniformity of the facial colouring.

Enhancing hormone balance improves the texture of the skin, hormonal acne and dryness which may occur during menopause. The facial muscle tone is improved and pores are tightened. It can be successfully employed on age spots and old acne scars or any area that requires collagen induction.

The effect of FRA

It varies according to the prior condition and lifestyle of the patient. It may erase as many as 5-15 years from the face after a course of treatment and the effects are cumulative with results progressing throughout the course (6-12 treatments are generally recommended).

Studies published in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture (1996) showed that out of three hundred people in China who received FRA, ninety percent demonstrated a marked result after their first treatment.


It should not be used during pregnancy or with a bout of cold or flu, during an allergy attack or an acute herpes outbreak (cold sores).

It is contraindicated for some pituitary disorders (e.g. Tumours), heart disorders and pacemakers, problems with bleeding or bruising, severe migraines, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, cancer, hepatitis, aids/HIV.

…and in the last 6 months any cosmetic surgery or Botox injections, facial peels, fillers or laser treatment.

If at any time, I am aware of conditions that may cause me any concern, I will always refer the patient to their General Practitioner of Western Medicine

Would facial acupuncture be suitable for you?

The most profound results are men and women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

If it is your first time with acupuncture, I will take a full medical history and discuss expectations and suitability for a facial treatment as everyone responds differently. I may recommend an acupuncture detox session first in order to prepare your body prior to FRA (cleansing treatment).

After the removal of the facial needles, I will proceed with a facial and neck massage to enhance the treatment and to allow the patient to relax, looking and feeling better.

I always finish with an application of serums and moisturisers in order to maximise the benefits of the treatment. The hyaluronic acid concentrated serum will improve the skins rejuvenation process.

Will the result be noticed immediately?

Many patients can see a result after just one treatment however some don’t notice a marked change until further into the treatment depending on the age and condition of the skin, it is advisable to book a course of between 6-10 sessions on a weekly basis to maximise the benefits of FRA, It really depends on what you would like to achieve and will be discussed as the treatment progresses at every session.

The more tired, distressed and unbalanced a person looks – the more marked the effects.

Is FRA safe?

Acupuncture treatment is very safe unlike other cosmetic treatments, it has no long term irreversible side effects such as scarring, swelling, paralysis of the face or drooping eyelids. Very rarely, the point at which the acupuncture needles are inserted may slightly bruise. Any bruising should disappear after a few days. If you are having facial acupuncture in advance of an important event, it is recommended to schedule your last session two weeks prior to the event.

After treatment, make sure you re-hydrate yourself with warm or hot drinks, refrain from alcohol and very spicy or greasy food for 24hrs.

Some patients may also feel slightly sleepy after treatment.

I am a fully trained, qualified facial acupuncturist and trained with Paul Adkins, a recognised, expert practitioner and world authority in facial revitalisation acupuncture. He has trained acupuncturists in over 30 countries to perform this natural anti-aging treatment.

Not sure? Questions? Call me, Estelle, on 07979 515 169
to discuss your situation


Initial consultation and treatment
(with free 15 minutes consultation)   £70
Subsequent treatments   £60

A block booking of 6-10 treatments is advisable with 1 week between treatments.

A discount of 10% is available if a block booking of 6 or more treatments is pre-paid in advance.