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Enjoyed another amazing session at La Pagode Acupuncture. Lovely place with lovely therapist my whole body feels much improved… Never know or feel the needles are there, but the benefits are incredible!! If you have never experienced acupuncture YOU should go and see Estelle!!! — feeling relaxed.

Anne, 50yrs

I started having treatment from Estelle 3 years ago. I have had treatment for migraines, general health and wellbeing and more recently to help me through my pregnancy. I have had a mixture of acupuncture, acupuncture with massage, and massage on its own depending upon what has been needed at different stages. Every time I walk into her treatment room I immediately feel a real sense of relaxation and comfort. She has an amazing attention to detail and takes great care with every treatment I receive from her. I know I am in good hands with Estelle, apart from her professionalism and her acupuncture skills, she uses her intuition and can always sense how I am feeling too.

Estelle goes the extra mile to help me, and often gives me dietary and lifestyle advice for additional ways that I can help myself. I feel very lucky to have found her, and feel so much healthier mentally and physically because of my treatments.

Rachel, 30yrs

I wanted to write and to thank you for all that you have done and are doing to help with my back condition. In the few sessions that I have currently had there has been a big turnaround in my overall wellbeing. I feel much more balanced and have lots more energy. Your knowledge and understanding of your profession is amazing and this comes through in each of the acupuncture sessions I have had. I really like the fact that you discuss the treatment, that is tailor made for me, for that day and explain what each point relates to. I will of course keep seeing you, as your treatments have made a big difference and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to all of my family, friends and business colleagues.


She is great, I had a fantastic massage from Estelle, it was with the right pressure and she worked every single muscle in my body, definitely worth going for massage, wonderful! 🙂

Kam NW

I have real tension in one side of my back, and acupuncture was recommended to me. I have a fear of needles, and wasn’t sure about acupuncture because I don’t know how it works, but someone told me to try Estelle because she is very caring and talks you through things. I finally went to see her and I have to say I had a fantastic experience from the very first treatment. She talks you through her treatment for you, and it turns out acupuncture works not only on the physical level but also on your mind too. I would say you have to try it to understand. I can’t imagine not having acupuncture now, it’s amazing. The tension in my back has been released and I feel lighter in myself and along with that a greater sense of confidence.

Alicia, 46yrs

Dear Estelle,

Thank you so much for the acupuncture sessions recently. My Hayfever is much better and I seem to be suffering less this year. My shoulder pain is also almost gone and I have more mobility now – so much better than taking lots of painkillers!

Thank you and see you soon

Mel Laidler, East Grinstead

I am a 76yrs old lady who has recently come to appreciate the benefits of acupuncture. I have been suffering from bad arthritis in my right hand and especially my thumb joint for the last year. After only 3 acupuncture treatments with the lovely Estelle I have not had any pain in the area whatsoever since! I am a complete convert. I have also suffered from stress, neck and shoulder pains since the sudden very bad illness of my husband, I continued with Estelle’s wonderful acupuncture with this in mind for several more sessions and I am now feeling much more relaxed and relatively stress free without any pain in my neck or shoulder. I would definitely recommend this marvellous treatment to anybody who is feeling any aches or pains or is suffering from stress or anxiety… in fact I feel like a completely new woman! – Thank you Estelle.

Lillian P, 76yrs

A close friend of mine recently visited Estelle for massage after suffering from various stress related illnesses. Work in progress but thanks! Working wonders and she’s considering the acupuncture now too!

Neil N

I highly recommend Estelle, I had tennis elbow which was giving me some real problems. After a few weeks of pain my girlfriend convinced me to seek treatment. Estelle sorted the pain out almost instantly, which was a great relief. After 3 sessions I felt good as new. I will certainly see Estelle again if I ever have any problems.

Tom, 33yrs

I had a wakeup call, I saw myself in a selfie taken during a party and posted on a friend’s Facebook! That was it, I had to do something for my appearance, mood swings and all the menopausal symptoms that I was also trying to cope with. On my first appointment with Estelle I completely finished her box of tissues but left uplifted and full of hope. After a series of sessions with her including regular facial enhancement acupuncture my symptoms progressively faded away. I had the usual menopausal effects: Hot flushes, sleepless nights and sweating, craves for chocolate, dry skin, unnecessary wrinkles, mood swings and this roll of fat growing around my waist!

The results of Estelle’s acupuncture treatments were amazing. I have to confess I don’t like needles but the acupuncture needles are so tiny that I didn’t even feel then break the skin. I found the sessions extremely relaxing and she also gave me lots of guidance for my daily diet and exercise.

La Pagode exceeded all my expectations. I now come for regular facial and rejuvenation acupuncture and a regular maintenance session.

Acupuncture has been working so well for me that I am a totally transformed and different woman and I feel so well with much more confidence and also receive compliments. I would recommend her to anyone.

Christine, 52, Maidstone

I had a terrible pain in my shoulder, Estelle gave me acupuncture and also a therapeutic massage and the next morning it was completely gone. I have had this pain for a few years now due to playing volleyball and the hitting action of the ball and thought I would just live with it until I gave up the sport. I cant believe it has gone!!!

Thank you Estelle and La Pagode
Had an amazing HALF PRICE seasonal treat with Estelle Herbelin-Earle today…..feeling a spring in my step already!! If you’d like to feel refreshed and revived give her a call!! — feeling wonderful