Therapy Objectives

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Therapy Objectives

Originally used as a form of preventative healing, many people still use acupuncture for the sole purpose of keeping themselves healthy, boosting their immune system and enhancing wellbeing.

An acupuncturist aims to return the flow of Qi to its normal rate and therefore restore internal, external and emotional balance, rather than treating the disease, with no distinction between physical and mental health.

Acupuncture can help stimulate the immune system and improve overall functions of the body by releasing natural endorphins. The practitioner looks at the patient as a whole and finds the root of the illness.

In the West, acupuncture is used mostly to treat painful conditions such as arthritis, back pain, rheumatism, but it has also been found to help people suffering from respiratory and digestive problems, insomnia, stress, anxiety, tiredness, depression, post operation conditions, addictions, hormonal imbalances and so on…

There is scientific evidence that acupuncture has a beneficial effect for a whole range of health conditions according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) which lists over 100 different conditions which can benefit from acupuncture.